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We are extremely proud of our Artist Teachers for their contributions to the Lahaina Arts Guild mission of providing Maui County youth and veterans access to the creative arts through education and artistic opportunities.

Janie and her husband have lived on Maui for 6 years. Prior to that she lived on the Monterey Peninsula in California. Her art training is in Graphic Arts & Photography. However, Janie loves to draw and work with fabric and furniture, as well as anything fun and creative that she can dream up. She worked for a few years in an after school program and was soon deemed "The Art Department." Kids are just naturals in creativity and Janie loves the honesty in their art.


Like other artists on Maui, Victoria feels compelled to share by the island's tropical environment; the sun, the ocean, the mountains, the flowers, the rainbows, the birds, the sea life, and most of all the people, with all who visit here and want to take a little part of Maui home with them.

 As a child, and later as a young adult, Victoria had the opportunity to live in many places; the Pacific Northwest, where she was born and has many of her roots, Japan, England, and several areas on the Mainland.  Several years ago, her husband and she decided to make Maui their home. 

Victoria wrote and illustrated a children's book, "The Stick", a story of a young girl who gets lost on a wilderness trail on an island in the Puget Sound.  She learns from magical animals she encounters and finds her connection to her ancestors.   

Victoria continues working in various media then took several classes in advanced watercolor at the Otis College of Art and Design.  

After only a few completed paintings, she found that she loves watercolor! She loves the combination of control and abandonment and the bright clear colors that can be captured with watercolor.

Now that Victoria is back on Maui, she awakens each morning to see the ocean - sometimes the bluest blue, sometimes misted with clouds and sparked with rainbows.  The air is soft and warm and scented with flowers. The birds actually sing.  

Her goal is to continue in her efforts to capture her Maui experiences in her artwork and to share it.


Ellen Levinsky has been creating natural feather art and jewelry on Maui since 1979, joining LAS in 1985.

Teaching in the LAS children's art program for over 20 years generates much satisfaction for Ellen by assisting young people to develop their artistic skills, improve their self-confidence, and share an enjoyment of life as an artist.

Ellen  enjoys meeting people who own birds, using the feathers their pets shed to make a 'memory picture' for them.

Ellen creates the textured background  from recycling her junk mail and adding different Hawaiian plants. Her pictures have been inspired by her love of nature and the vivid colors in Hawaii.

Ellen has done much research and hiking to observe petroglyphs (ancient rock carvings) in Hawaii, New Mexico, Colorado, and Australia. She feels a strong connection with these ancient artists; making feather images of particular petroglyph designs that people identity with. 


Amanda McCumbee is a photorealistic artist based in Maui. Through the use of crisp edges and vibrant colors, she strives to bring the beautiful Hawaiian scenery and wildlife around her to canvas every day.

Amanda is originally from Berkeley Springs, a very small town situated in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. In 2012, she moved 5,000 miles away from home to the beautiful sandy shores of Hawaii where she currently resides in Haiku.

The breathtaking scenery, majestic wildlife, and overall feeling of genuine Aloha is where she gets the inspiration for the artwork she produces today.

"I feel very fortunate for the experiences in my life. I don't merely want to create beautiful images on canvas, I want to bring those images to life for others who have yet to experience them."


A Bronx born baby boomer, Marty now shares his time between mostly Maui and Los Angeles. Along the way, he spent a decade based out of Boulder, Colorado. Marty studied Photography and Design at New York City's New School briefly, but the bulk of his experience has been through trial and error. Building upon the idea that 'the world and it's people are quite different from the way they appear', Marty applied his art to the creation of Psychedelic LightShows. During the Cultural Revolution of the late 60s and 70s, he performed in scores of concert extravaganzas. Thru the late 70s and into the 80s, he traveled the world as a Rock 'n Roll concert producer and lighting/stage designer.

His work with the lightshows lent heavily to his style of everchanging movement on stage. Marty's experience and ideas about altered states of perception lead directly to many of his creations. Believing that beyond the appearance of the initial image is the seed of a different truth, he searches for a more mysterious image. Occasionally, he finds himself conscious that his soul is at one with the universe, moment by moment. These are the moments of creation.


Julia received her BA in Studio Art where she was able to fine-tune her drawing and painting abilities, as well as develop new passions for mediums like ceramics, glass, and natural fiber. Julia’s education and love for all things creating led her to work alongside many professional artists where she was able to further develop her love for materials and technique. Her current creative passions involve cooking, printmaking, and weaving. 


At a young age, Julia found that there was an undeniable connection between nature and self expression through creating art. It is important to allow children to have the space to have that same creative freedom. Julia believes that creating art is a form of active meditation and through that meditation we can connect more deeply to the natural world. Environmental issues are at the forefront of priorities for our world and Julia is always striving to connect her work to causes that can help her community create a sustainable future.


Jeanie Brandt is an acrylic and mixed media painter. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia. After multiple moves throughout the country with her Air Force husband, they moved from Arlington Virginia to Maui in 2016.

Jeanie has been an artist for over 14 years. Her paintings of abundant flowers, ethereal scenes, abstract as well as doodle designs are all expressed through bright, beautiful colors. The artist has stated, “I am a feeling person. The moment I pick up a brush, my feelings about the world flow through my mind and are transferred onto my canvas. It’s a process, the feeling of a moment, a color preparation, a pattern filling the canvas, creating the first layer from that momentary feeling. And then, a second layer emerges, and on and on until the canvas speaks to me and says….I feel that moment too.”  


Jeanie pursued a career in interior design after receiving her B.A in Interior Design from the University of Georgia. She has always been an artistic person and it was natural for her to become a painter. She recently completed the Art2Life Creative Visionary Program.

While residing in Arlington, Virginia she was a member of the Arlington Artist Alliance, where her artwork was displayed throughout multiple public venues. She was the recipient of the 3rd place award in the Arlington Artist Alliance juried art show, “Hidden in Plain Site”, with her painting, "Take A Hike”.

Jeanie is currently a member of the Lahaina Arts Society where her acrylic and mixed media art is being exhibited. You can also see her artwork periodically at the Lahaina Arts Society Art Fair at Cannery Mall on the weekends in Lahaina.


Pamela Neswald is an award winning, internationally collected Maui painter and mixed media artist.

Pamela’s work has been highlighted in The Surfers Journal and other periodicals nationally and in solo and group shows in California and Maui, has won several awards and has been honored by representation by the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Honolulu Museum of Art and the Oneness Convention in California.

Pamela is also the previous owner of a small gallery and artists’ supply located in Upcountry, Maui.  She lives and works with her husband, artist and scientist, Dr Peter V Fisher, at their home studio in Pukalani.

Pamela’s work can be found at Lahaina Arts Society, hotel artist-in-residence programs, Haiku Style Gallery and at www.pamelaneswald.com  You may also find her at the beach, on a mountain or in her studio, painting.


Darice Machel McGuire lives on the beautiful Island of Maui. Her Hawaii and California landscape oil and acrylic paintings are gracing the homes and offices of collectors nationally and internationally. McGuire's choice of subject matter comes from her love of nature and all that surrounds her on a daily basis. She paints in large and small formats. Her works are represented by Village Galleries in Lahaina, Karen Lei's Gallery in Kahakuloa, Karen Lei's Gallery in Ka'anapali, and Kingwell Island Art in Lahaina. All these locations are on the Island of Maui.
McGuire brings hands-on experience to her art. She spent over 40 years working and learning the art trade. Her art education was the kind that one gets from being raised by an artist and living and working in an art business. She literally grew up in the art world. Her mom is an artist and was her first oil painting teacher. Her parents owned and operated a gallery in Lake Tahoe California. Lakeside Gallery was more then just a gallery, it was an art supply store, a frame shop and an art school all in one big building. McGuire took advantage of the art classes offered by the many visiting teachers who taught summer workshops at the gallery. As her painting skills grew her mom would have her help teach the kids classes offered every Saturday. She also learned how to frame and worked in the frame shop for many many years.
"I lived and worked as an artist long before I knew I was one."
McGuire's main body of work is realism. Her subjects are landscapes and seascapes. Living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, the tropical Island of Maui, gives her great inspiration. She is surrounded by the West Maui mountains and the beautiful Pacific ocean.
"Every day I'm greeted with incredible views. I love studying the clouds and the shadows that play along the valley of the mountains or watching the waves as they come in to caress the sandy beaches. The colors of flowers, the sky, the ocean, it all inspires me."
She also loves to explore other styles and techniques. Allowing herself the freedom to play and create like a child. This helps her to keep an open mind to new possibilities and new creations.
"I get great joy from my play time because what ever the outcome, I know it comes from my inner child and not my adult self. I try to not take myself to seriously."

If you have an interest in becoming one of our volunteer teachers, please contact

Amanda McCumbee, amanda@artofamanda.com

Meet our Artist Teachers

We are so proud of our artist teachers who are contributing to the our mission of providing Maui County children and Veterans access to the creative arts through education and artistic opportunities.