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Children's Music Classes

             Music to My Ears

We have been teaching our music classes at Princess Nahi’ena’ena Elementary School in Lahaina on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with more than 200 children participating each week. The next school year begins the first week in August, 2024. We will also be teaching our music classesat King Kamehameha III Elementary School when the next school year begins the first week in August, 2024. The music classes will have their own dedicated classroom at the school with keyboards, ukuleles and other donated instruments.

We are always seeking volunteers and music instrument donations to help with our children's music classes. For more information please reach out to Music Director Cindy Smith at email:

Please Note: As new events and classes are announced, we will be inviting children to join our classes. At this time, however, due to the Lahaina fire disaster, we are not currently accepting individual registrations. Our focus is on rebuilding and running our school classes.

West Maui Music Classes
Current Schedule

The Music Classes are an amazing opportunity to learn to read, compose and perform music!

  1. NOTE RECOGNITION. One student plays notes on the piano as their classmates jump the notes on a life size “Solfeggio” major scale mat. 

  2. COMPOSITION. Original songs using the Solfeggio major scale transferred to notes on a staff with lyrics from their class “end of year poem” final project. 

  3. SINGING. Students have been taught breathing techniques and vocal exercises. Oh, how they LOVE to sing. 

  4. CHOREOGRAPHY. They learned choreography to the song DO RE MI from the musical “The Sound Of Music” and love to perform it!! 

  5. RHYTHM. Counting followed by performing 4 beat measures using fun games and rhythmic instruments. 

  6. PIANO. Playing major scale and learning to read music. 

  7. STAFF.  Fun staff game using our fingers as the treble and bass clef staff lines. 

  8. NOTES. Jumping a life size staff with them as the notes (another fun game). 

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