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Summer Camps

 Creative Arts Summer Camp Program

    Fun, Learning, Healing & Connecting

For this year’s 2024 Lahaina Arts Guild Summer Camp beginning in June we are excited to coordinate with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, the Boys & Girls Club Maui and the Hulihia Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Hawaii Maui College. With our support, Hulihia will be presenting "Learning, Healing, & Connecting through Creative Arts," a youth art therapy program for fire-impacted youth on Maui. The program will be hosted at Lahaina Intermediate School by the Boys & Girls Club. The children will be led by a certified art therapist in processing the impact of recent fires on their community and channeling their emotions and creativity into rebuilding Lahaina. 

Sustainability principles and Native Hawaiian traditional practices will be interwoven throughout group sessions as we explore the values of the ahupuaʻa system and how they can be applied to support community resilience.

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