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The Lahaina Arts Guild Presents the 2023 “Grace McDonnell Love of Maui Art Award” to Kaiao Hett.

Grace McDonnell would have turned 18 this year. She had a passion for her art, especially on her beloved island of Maui. Tragically, Grace lost her life in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on December 14, 2012, little more than a month after her 7th birthday. In her honor, her parents, Chris and Lynn McDonnell, have been generous supporters of our Lahaina Arts Guild children’s programs. This year, the Lahaina Arts Guild is proudly presenting the "Grace McDonnell Love of Maui Art Award” to Kaiao Hett, an energetic and

inspired 1st grader at Sacred Hearts School in Lahaina. Remarkably, Kaiao was born on December 14, and she will turn 7 this year! With this Award we honor these two young creative artists, knowing that Grace McDonnell’s love of art continues to flourish in the islands through Kaiao and hundreds of other art loving Maui children.

Grace McDonnell

Kaiao Hett, “Grace McDonnell Love of Maui Art Award” Winner

Lahaina Arts Guild Director Bill Smith with Kaiao and

Sacred Hearts School Art Teacher Stephanie Meyer

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